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From intuition to science. We will give your family real peace of mind.

Building a strong house begins with knowing the strength and characteristics of the land.
After careful research in advance, in order to create a safe home for everyone

Build a solid ground and foundation and start building.

Ground survey




10 year warranty

Ground support system

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In order to protect your precious home from uneven subsidence, Create Homes has introduced a system that allows you to receive a quality guarantee for 10 years from the date of delivery in partnership with Japan Home Shield Co., Ltd., which has the No. 1 track record in ground analysis. ..

A strong and reliable foundation can be created by a ground survey and careful foundation design based on the results.


SDS® test to obtain reliable soil data

The SDS® test is a new test method for more accurately judging soil quality and supporting accurate ground evaluation.

By combining the SDS® test with the general SWS test, it has become possible to evaluate the ground with higher accuracy in consideration of soil quality.


Eliminate "in dubio pro reo" and provide ground countermeasures with clear grounds

Japan Home Shield Co., Ltd. is an independent analysis company that is separated from the ground construction company.

Based on accurate survey data, we perform objective and highly accurate analysis using multifaceted data such as topographic maps and a huge amount of past data.

Furthermore, proposals for foundations and local industries are selected from a wide variety of countermeasures, from general construction methods to eco-construction methods. We provide the best proposals for each property in terms of both quality and cost.

Insulation is visible on the inside.

Foundation insulation method (solid foundation)

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At Create Homes, we have adopted a "foundation insulation method" that considers the inside of the foundation to be indoors.

By adopting the basic insulation method, the airtightness of the room can be improved and the geothermal heat that maintains a stable temperature of 13 to 15 ° C can be effectively used throughout the year.
Since there is no insulation under the floorboard and the temperature is kept stable throughout the year, it is possible to use most of the underfloor on the first floor as underfloor storage.

In addition, there is no insulation under the floorboard, which makes maintenance easier.


Wooden frame / monocoque construction method

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Monocoque structure model

Create Homes uses the "wooden frame / monocoque construction method" as standard.
In the event of a huge earthquake, a force of 10 tons may be applied to the house momentarily. In order to receive the force most safely and surely, we adopted a "monocoque structure" that finishes the structure in a tough box shape. Columns, beams, and bases are integrated with structural panels. It distributes external forces such as earthquakes throughout the building and demonstrates high seismic performance.

​Wooden shaft assembly

Uses the old-fashioned wooden frame construction method.
In this state, the external force is concentrated on the joint, so that distortion and deformation are likely to occur.


Monocoque construction method

Structural plywood is placed on the outer peripheral surface.
"Wooden frame / monocoque construction method" is adopted as standard.
To receive external force on the surface by arranging plywood

It is well-balanced and hard to deform.

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