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An ideal land that is not easy to find. We will help you find such a land. 

Make good use of land conditions that can be entered by your own route

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First of all, among the many land information that comes in by our own route

Therefore, we will consider various measures so that customers can effectively utilize the land.

For example, if the land you purchase is too large, we will create a mini-town called Urban Community.

As a result, customers can divide and hand over only what they need, and can provide land in favorable conditions at a low price.

In addition, we divide the remaining land into small pieces to build stylish houses and sell them as built-for-sale houses.


Land group purchasing system

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Nowadays, it has become possible to "jointly purchase" various items such as food and clothing at "profitable" prices. It would be nice if real estate could be "jointly purchased" at a "profit", right? !!
Therefore, Create Homes provides a service called partnership (joint land purchase system).

The mechanism is simple. It is a mechanism in which the customer and our company, or another customer who has registered as a member with the customer and our company, join hands and purchase the land.
We handle land transactions and maintenance, and adjust conditions with customers all at once, so we have a system that allows you to purchase your ideal real estate with peace of mind.

Based on the customer's request plan (desired area, size, price, other conditions) registered in advance, we will introduce the property irregularly as soon as we can propose a property that meets your request. I'll enjoy having this.


I found a good land ♪

But this is a deformed land

It's hard to use if it's left as it is.


Mr. A's family was looking for an affordable property in a sunny place, even if it was small.

Introducing Section A to Mr. A.Section B will be sold as a distribution property or planned as a built-for-sale sale. (* 1)



Sunlight on the south road

Perfect! but. .. ..

It's too big and in half

I wish ...


Mr. A

Mr. A found a good land in the distribution property.

However, if you build it as it is, the budget will be significantly exceeded than planned.

I would like to introduce Mr. B who was looking for it in the same area. Joint purchase by Mr. A and Mr. B (* 2)


Mr. B

We will support the joint purchase after the examination based on our regulations. For example, after our bulk purchase (* 1), you can divide it into two parts as shown in the figure on the left and purchase the requested size at a reasonable price.
* 1 In the case of resale after our bulk purchase, our building conditions will be added to the site.

* 2 Costs such as surveying costs and writing costs will be split equally.

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