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Four commitments to plan making

The floor plan that affects the comfort of living.

This is a very important part of building a house.

Depending on the floor plan, ease of life, family communication, etc.

It will change a lot.

At Create Homes, we propose to create a plan that allows residents to live happily.


01 01

​Housework flow line is compact

The most influential factor in daily life is the flow line.

If you are conscious of "how you move in the house", you will have a comfortable living environment.


In particular, I want to do household chores that are essential to my life, such as cooking, washing, and cleaning, as efficiently and easily as possible.

For example, it is useless when doing household chores, such as arranging a pantry next to the kitchen, or arranging the kitchen ⇒ washroom / laundry room ⇒ laundry room ⇒ kitchen in a strolling manner, and doing other household chores at the same time while cooking. We place great importance on the [housework flow line], which allows you to do housework without movement and stress-free.



02 02

LDK where conversations with family are lively


LDK is a place that becomes the "center of life".

While preparing a meal, talk about the events of the day,

Sometimes I read a book or watch TV as I like,

It is a space to spend time.

A kitchen space where everyone can work together to prepare and clean up the food by placing a dining table next to the kitchen.

We have set up a study space next to the dining room so that you can listen to what you don't understand immediately, and we try to arrange the LDK so that you can easily communicate with your family and have a lively conversation with your family.


03 03

Lean and easy to use
Storage plan

One thing to keep in mind when creating a storage plan is that if you provide a storage space without a plan, it will be difficult to use and organize.

It's not just about having a large storage space, but the size you need where you need it. Since we are thinking about "what to store", we propose a storage plan that is efficient and easy to use.

The "three major storage rooms" that Create Homes always creates when designing.

That is "Shoes Cloak", "Pantry", and "Walk-in Closet". By providing this room, it is possible to live an efficient and comfortable storage life.



​Future-proof planning


Customers who build at Create Homes have small children

There are many homes. For floor plans centered on child-rearing

It tends to be.

It is said that the period of using the children's room is unexpectedly short. If you grow up, you may leave the house, so we propose a floor plan that can respond to changes in your lifestyle.

For example, we propose planning that anticipates the lifestyle after 10 years, such as arranging the children's rooms so that they can be connected, or making the floor plan so that the life can be completed on the first floor as much as possible.

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