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About home building | 4 peace of mind


Planning for families to live happily

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A living space that makes family communication fun, and a flow line that makes daily housework easy.

Storage space that considers not only the storage capacity but also ease of use ...

Creating a home where the family living in the house can live happily forever, and making the whole family smile.

I am trying to make a plan that makes me feel like that.


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A house that is strong against earthquakes and has a long-lasting peace of mind with the wooden frame + panel construction method


In the event of a huge earthquake, a force of 10 tons may be applied to the house momentarily.

In order to receive the force most safely and surely, we adopted a "monocoque structure" that finishes the structure in a tough box shape.

Columns, beams, and bases are integrated with structural panels. It distributes external forces such as earthquakes throughout the building and demonstrates high seismic performance.


An ideal land that is not easy to find. We will help you find such a land. 

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Finding good land is as difficult as building a good house.
Building a house is a big purchase. Failure is not forgiven.
However, it is difficult to find good land information even now, where various information is easily available on the Internet and in housing magazines.
At Create Homes, we provide total support up to land search, including suggestions on what kind of land to build and what kind of house to build.
"I want a house in this area ..."
We will do our best to meet your request.




Warranty and after-sales maintenance


Building a house is not the end of building a house.

It is important that you maintain good condition at the time of new construction for a long time by performing proper maintenance and taking proper care on a daily basis.

I think it's a real relationship since I built my house.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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