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Create Homes Miyagi Chuo Store
Create Homes Co., Ltd.
​May 2005
Representative Director Toshiyuki Nuri

Custom-built homes, single-family homes (built-for-sale), remodeling management, design and construction

Planning and construction of store / office interiors

Sale, rental, brokerage and management of real estate

Second-class architect office registration / Miyagi Governor No. 17320182
Residential land and building trader license / Governor of Miyagi (3) No. 5415

Construction industry license / Governor of Miyagi (29) No. 17892

4-17 Akanuma, 6-chome, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

TEL: 022-385-5871 FAX: 022-385-5872

​Miyagi Prefecture Two-by-Four Housing Construction Cooperative
​Affiliated member organization
All Japan Real Estate Association Incorporated Association Real Estate Guarantee Association
Main bank
business hours
Regular holiday

77 Bank, Yamagata Bank, The Shoko Chukin Bank

10: 00-19: 00
Every Wednesday, summer vacation, year-end vacation

real estate

Sales and sales record of over 350 units

Over 100 purchases

Real estate sales brokerage / purchase / sale Real estate free assessment

(Desk assessment / Business trip assessment)
Real estate management consulting, rental management mortgage consultation, tax consultation

Home building permit Miyagi Governor (4) No. 5415



Achievements of new single-family homes
Over 450 buildings

Store / office new construction results
Over 20 buildings

New construction contract construction Construction management Remodeling construction Apartment construction construction Reliable direct construction After-maintenance

Construction Business Permit Miyagi Governor (General-29) No. 17892
Existing housing defect insurance company registration


Design office

Detached house design Interior / exterior design Store design design Existing housing situation survey work

Second-class architect office registration Miyagi prefectural governor registration No. 17320182 Existing housing situation survey engineer registration



From the installation of handrails and shelves

Interior / exterior remodeling of detached houses and condominiums

Full renovation Renovation that allows you to apply for subsidies such as housing equipment maintenance, replacement barrier-free, earthquake resistance, energy saving, etc. Reliable direct construction, after-maintenance reliable quality and price

Staff introduction


Toshiyuki Nuri



Kazushi Mikawa

Please leave it to me to find a house in Sendai City and Sen'en area.
"We value each and every encounter" We will do our best to propose a life plan that suits each customer.

I have been involved in the housing industry for about 20 years, including my previous job.

Utilizing that experience, we will propose customer requests from various angles. Please feel free to contact us.

Store introduction

Many of the customers who come to Create Homes Miyagi Chuo store can start building a house by searching for land. We are good at collecting a lot of land information by our own route, so we will support you from the first step of building a house, land search.

Since there are many attacks of the same age as customers who start considering their own home, we try to make proposals from the same perspective as our customers.

Not only those who have doubts or anxieties about their own home, but also general construction such as remodeling and store design, so please feel free to contact us.


Meeting space for Create Homes Miyagi Chuo store.
There is also a kids' corner inside the store, so
customers with children can rest assured.

Please come to the store with your family.


In the cold season, the fireplace is full-fledged and warm indoors.

It is a fireplace that can be installed in a general detached house, so please let us know if you are interested.

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