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Other than maintenance requests
Please feel free to contact us for anything related to your home, how to care for it, etc. 

Create Homes' 4 Security Guarantees

01 01


01 01

Residential defect liability insurance (JIO)

Create Homes uses "JIO My Home Insurance" by the Japan Housing Guarantee Inspection Organization.

Buildings that have passed rigorous inspections by a third-party organization will be covered for 10 years after delivery, with leaks and structural defects.

02 02

Ground guarantee
( Ground support system)

In order to build a house where you can live for a long time with peace of mind, we conduct a ground survey at all sites before construction. If the survey results are good, we will issue a warranty card, and if it is determined that improvement is necessary, we will carry out appropriate construction work and then issue a warranty card. In the unlikely event that the building is damaged due to uneven land subsidence, it will be covered for 10 years from the date of delivery.

03 03

Non-life insurance
(During construction period)

We have third party compensation and insurance for buildings and materials during the construction period. In the unlikely event that you cause inconvenience to people in the neighborhood, or if the building is damaged or stolen, we will take appropriate measures.


Termite Guarantee
( Japan Shiroari Countermeasures Association)

The enemy of housing, "termites". It is a terrifying existence that eats wooden bases and pillars and significantly weakens the earthquake resistance and durability of houses. For 5 years after building the house, in the unlikely event of termite damage, it will be reconstructed free of charge.

Home building and after-sales maintenance with local craftsmen

02 02


The buildings created by Create Homes are supported by local craftsmen.

If maintenance is required, we will work with the craftsmen involved in the construction to solve the problem.
Since we will respond to the site based on the site photos and construction drawings at the time of construction, it is possible to solve problems speedily.

We carry out regular inspections in the second year after delivery. Please feel free to contact us for anything other than regular inspections.

There are many questions about living in a new home. Please leave all the troubles. As a maintenance lecture, you can use anything such as how to use heating and how to care for equipment! !! We will solve each and every question about your home.

We will watch over important houses together with our customers so that they can live comfortably for a long time.

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